My Bohol Chocolate Hills Trip

Sunday, November 23, 2008 at 5:37 PM

Chocolate hills is one of the most famous signature tourist attractions in the Philippines, in fact it is the main attraction in Bohol. My chocolate hills experience was one of the most exciting ones I’ve ever had. Me and my family arrived at the site where people were given a chance to view a a place prepared by the tourism department of Bohol, which actually made visitors appreciate deeper the various attractions in Bohol. I was amazed how both foreign and local tourists would come and go to the place just to witness the unique structure of the land. There are two ways to get to the site, either upwards by the stairs or through the zig zag flat way. We took the zig zag path cause it's easier compared to the stairway path which is approximately 100 steps to follow on, and my father is too old to do that. Upon arriving at the top you can really appreciate the magnificence of the hills that look like giant moles. There you will see many foreign and local tourists taking pictures of it. Also, a number of foreign tourists prefer to take the stair path instead and have fun witnessing and exploring the extraordinary rolling terrain of haycock hills. Anyway, after a few minutes of sight seeing from the top view, my father decided to take the stairs upon going down. We also went for the local shops and bought Bohol t-shirt trademarks. Then we took a ride going to the tarsier sanctuary and then on to Loboc river floating restaurant. The Loboc River Cruise is an added entertainment for our lunch, and not only is the food delicious but it makes a whole fun experience. Among other things we did besides eating sea foods served by the locals are listening to live acoustic music and singing a mix of English and local Bohol songs. My trip in Bohol Chocolate Hills with my family is one of the best and I know I'm definitely going back there.


  1. Rob Says:
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  2. Rob Says:

    I have also been there last May. It is indeed a majestic creation of nature. The first time I saw this wonder of nature, I awe in amazement because I just can't believe how it formed like that.

    No wonder why it has leading votes to be chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of the World.

    I will surely be back to that place and experience again its wonders.

  3. M.I.M.O.T Says:

    ive been here last week with my officemates.. check mine :D

    im so happy finally i saw it in person weeeee