Monday, December 1, 2008 at 6:22 PM

Enlightenment is a very intriguing word. It usually means wisdom or deep understanding of perception. However, there are two relative concepts with it which can be quite distinct: religious or spiritual enlightenment and secular or intellectual enlightenment. This causes confusion, since those who claim for intellectual enlightenment often reject spiritual concepts as well. In my understanding, enlightenment is an awareness or satisfaction with your self for having the highest understanding or knowledge that a human being can achieve. It is controlling your sense of feeling that is manipulated by the mind. I believe only few people achieve this particular kind of enlightenment state. You need high self discipline, training and understanding to reach this kind of knowledge. I believe some martial arts masters, sensie or instructors have achieved this kind of state due to years of training and experience. Achieving this kind of state lets them become aware with the moves of the opponent before they even execute it. But to maintain this kind of state you must maintain the standard of training, focus, mental and physical standard. What do you think will happen if we reach this kind of enlightenment? The opinion is yours.


  1. AMP Says:

    Enlightenment is generally achieved when one is supposedly free from ignorance and has transcended to a higher plane… It does not necessarily mean that it precedes death or it can only be achieved after death. Enlightenment is when one reaches nirvana… Nirvana is when one reaches extreme happiness…happiness not necessarily the effect of worldly possessions, events or achievements but of spiritual awareness and transcendence as well…

    Char char lang akong comment…hehehehe!

  2. bevs Says:

    well, great topic for a post johnny. to be honest.... your post is a new concept for me... thank dodong johnny