White Water Rafting Experience in Cagayan de Oro

Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 11:00 PM

I’m going to talk about my first white water rafting experience in Cagayan de Oro Philippines. At first I was so blank when I heard about water rafting all I knew was it involved riding a rubber boat and do a lot of paddling and there you go.

Rafting is used as way of transportation of people and food long ago. Now white water rafting is used as a recreational activity using a raft to explore a river or around the water. It is usually done in different types or degree of water to excite and thrill the emotion of its passenger. In my experience you must always follow the instructions of your guide, always remember the introductory instruction kind of paddling skills, what you should do if you fall from the raft, and always listen to the guide.

Choose a guide who is professional, outgoing and funny for you to enjoy rafting. Also choose to be with adventurous friends or crew. Part of my experience is swimming with the rapids, then I realized never to face the rapids or else you can drink a lot of water haha! Some rapids are dangerous but some are okay only the experienced rafting tour guide knows where and when it is safe to swim or jump.

My friends and I definitely enjoyed our first rafting adventure. Special thanks to my friend Kim S. Domingo for giving us very nice experience.