Midway Initao Kayaking

Thursday, January 1, 2009 at 4:26 PM

Kayaking its not as simple as how it looks. At first I thought kayaking is extremely easy, the way I see others kayaking it make me think it’s very easy to ride it. But when it’s my time to try kayaking then I realized its hard, especially turning around you must always balance and stay put riding a kayak or else you would fall into the water. You must always keep your balance and straight while maneuvering a u-turn. After few rounds of kayaking I learned how to kayak easily, how to turn around and it able me to explore the much deeper part of the sea. Sea kayaking able me to explore the sea, its nice especially if the water is blue and clear, it able you to see what’s beneath the water! Sea kayak is made for the sport of paddling through open waters of lakes, ocean and bays. As we can all see kayak is usually used around the world for marine journeys especially in some marine documentary and tours. My kayaking adventure is definitely a water sports that I really love to try it again especially kayaking with friends I really going to enjoy it.