Art Exhibition

Friday, October 22, 2010 at 5:46 PM
Every year, my best friend had his own art gallery exhibition during his birthday to show off all of his art works to the people. I really admire his dedication and passion to art that has been part of his life since childhood because the more it becomes an inspiration to him. He even donates to the charity he sponsored the money he earned during the exhibit.

I really appreciate people who really have the talent in arts. I love and appreciate arts but I don’t have the patience to do it like my friend has. What really makes it more beautiful is that artists are not afraid of showing talents because there are no mistakes in every art creation they created; all are created out of their creativity.

Mike’s birthday is fast approaching and this year’s concept of his exhibit is much different from the past years for he is celebrating the 15th year of his annual art gallery. As early as of 5 months ahead of schedule, Mike had started searching designs from trade show flooring, trade show carpet to logo mats to make the exhibit area more prestige.

I promised him a hand again for his big time event. Every time he has an exhibit, he used to have me as his partner for the preparation and financial consultant at the same time. November 5th is approaching and yet Mike is still halfway on finalizing his art works. This is the tough part of the exhibit but the showroom was all ready for the event. I really love the trade show carpet we choose for the art exhibition. We are hoping for a wonderful accomplishment for this great endeavor.