World Family Day

Sunday, September 26, 2010 at 11:35 PM
How important is a family in your life? Having no family is I guess the most lonely scenario of an individual. Some may even look for someone in whom they could accept and becoming a family. Not related in blood is not a big deal at all. The belongingness and the acceptance with love they felt are the the most important to have a family. This is one reason why some people are getting married at the early age.

Today, some of our national artists promote the world family day. They encourage each family to have an ample time to gather for a dinner tonight. One is encourage to share their love in commemoration of a day for family. A close family can never compare to others. Each members of the family are more contented on having each other and would never allow anybody could ever destroy their relationship they all have gained.

For me, family day is always. No season is being observed and no occasion is being done. Having a close relationship in the family may avoid family members to go on astray. Happy is a family that God is the center of the relationship.
Happy Family Day to all!!!