The Importance of Exercise

Sunday, February 28, 2010 at 8:12 AM
Exercise keeps your body fit, healthy and strong. One of the healthiest things to do in life is to exercise. Any sports, exercise or physical activity plays important role in life.

The past weekend was the best days we have with my wife. Our friend invited us to have a sporty day and we decided to play badminton. For a very long time I haven’t sweat much as much as I had while playing badminton last Saturday. It was the best sporty day ever since I had work. This time on, I will make sure to maintain what I have started.

During my college years, I used to have many sports in college in which until now my body is still looking for. I love perspiring much on sport or exercise and enjoying on what I am doing. Since I got a job and have less physical activity, my body is deteriorating. I easily get sick and felt tired. It might be too late for me to overcome this if I will let it continue. I want to live a healthy lifestyle to maintain my body healthy and fit. I want the best for my body, and that best is doing the exercise regularly. How about you? When is the right time to give yourself the best? Exercise is very hard to do at first, but gradually it will become part of your system. It will help improves your body stamina and flexibility.